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Ghostbusters Sermon 2, 10/14/2018

Ghostbusters – Breaking Generational Curses “He Slayed the Dragon at the Cross,” Galatians 3:1-3; 13-14
Introduction There really are monsters under the bed, except they aren’t haunting entities from another world; well not exactly. They live in the hauntings of dreams and nightmares. They live in our memories, I think in two ways.
(1) There are familial memories. What I’ve come to describe as pet dragons in the basement. They are spiritual sicknesses that families not only pass on from one generation to another, but often nurture and keep as pets in the basement. The men in my family’s alcoholism. A critical spirit in another family. Racism. The wounds of racism. Abuse. Past hurts. Spiritual sicknesses caused by various enslavements in this world. We keep them chained in the basement and usually think they are our pets. We think we have them mastered when we are the ones being mastered by them. These are hard memories to deal with because they are wispy, smoky, and indistinct. We cannot …

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