I am, perhaps more than anything in this life as a leader and pilgrim follower of Jesus, a missions minded pastor. Life on mission characterizes is what most characterizes the ministry God has given me of pastoral nurture and influence in the church I shepherd and the broader influence of the local church and our family. 

Of course, the central instrument for this is the work we founded while living in Haiti, and continue to lead and coordinate as it has become a hub for so many Christians to likewise follow Jesus in this world and make him known. Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of this ministry is the way that we nurture and empower Haitian Christian leaders to minister in their contexts and what God does in people's heart's for our many short term and long term missionaries. There is a beautiful anointing on this ministry that we enjoy sharing with others directly and using as a platform for empowerment and teaching in the Body of Christ with regard to life spent on mission glorifying God in this world!

Read, "Toward a Congregational Missiology," by Chris Surber in the March 2019 edition of The Congregationalist Magazine. (It begins on page 6) "Our way is an incarnational way. Our way is an adaptable way. Our way is a lived way. The Congregational Way is nothing if not the “life on life” incarnate visible demonstration of the truth, the way, and the life of Jesus in the world and among us. I’m convinced that our way has deeper insights into Christian missiology than others credit and perhaps even than we know of ourselves. Faith, Freedom, Fellowship undergirds my philosophy and practice of mission. 

My wife and I founded a vibrant and growing ministry in Haiti called “Supply and Multiply” which is inherently Congregational. It is rooted in cross-cultural relationships. It is essentially indigenous. It couldn’t be less denominational. I’ve been a decidedly Congregational and decidedly outreach oriented pastor for several years..." continue reading

Read, "Life Together on Mission," by Chris Surber in the December 2018 edition of The Congregationalist Magazine. (It starts on page 20) "T he fountain of fellowship is Jesus. In Matthew 18:12 Jesus says, “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them (ESV).” In 2013 my wife Christina went on a mission trip to Haiti. Three months later, my impassioned wife dragged me back with her. God ruined my life in Haiti in the most beautiful possible ways imaginable! Not long after, we moved there. 

We planted a growing and thriving ministry there called Supply and Multiply. We oversee that ministry with a large staff of workers and missionaries, mission teams and partnerships, while shepherding a church in America. This model allows us to continue to gather friends for the work as we empower indigenous leaders. Our family and friends have learned so much in this process. Here is the heartbeat of what we have learned..." continue reading


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