Totally Christian Karate - TCK 

Humane Mixed Martial Art – Bible Study – Scripture Memorization and Application

I am a Totally Christian Karate practitioner. I've found it to be a fantastic personal and teaching tool for physical movement connected to biblical discipleship. Over the years I have practiced several martial arts techniques, ranging from amateur boxing as a teenager to Aikido and Karate as an adult and various kinds of hand to hand combat training as a United States Marine. 

TCK is a mixed martial that has done more than empty the martial arts of Eastern philosophy and overt aggression.  Mr. Mitchell Freistat has created a physical art for self defense that fills a commonly missing space in Christian Discipleship - physical movement directed connected to and with inherent value for biblical principles of spiritual combat. 

A new TCK class is on its way to Livonia, instructed by Pastor Chris Surber and hosted at Mt. Hope Congregational Church, beginning in January 2019.

Totally Christian Karate Founder, Mr. Mitchell Freistat discusses TCK.

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