The Homeschooling Missionary Family

I love Christina more and more all the time! 

That isn't because she becomes more lovable... It is because I become more aware of just how special she genuinely is. And how God brought us together to bring different kinds of healing, help, and complementary hope into each others life. Then, astonishingly, He uses a couple of imperfect people to pour life into people's lives in Haiti and America.

Our work in Haiti requires us to spend a fairly significant amount of time apart but that's OK. We've counted the cost of life on mission and we're willing to pay it. Our kids see life on mission as an inherent part of Christian living. It's all they've ever known! They genuinely love Haiti and the local Church is their home.

Homeschooling is intrinsic to this journey and the journey is part of the homeschooling. It's like life schooling. The year of 2015, for example, they studied another country by living in it and acquiring the language and culture and new friends and fearlessness and a thousand other intangible and non-quantifiable skills. Now they return often and our beautiful Haitian friends get to be a part of raising them in the faith in the context of real life.

My homeschooling mom guides the kids in math and science and all of that, but most of all she models life on mission; that Christ calls us to engage the world in honest genuine fearless love. We need head knowledge but heart knowledge, boy o' boy, we can't live a meaningful life without it. I love you Christina! I love you...